Active for NGO

For detailed information please visit our web sites specialized in cooperation with NGOs.

On the basis of a long-term experience made travel agency Active Travel a decission to create the unique project focused on non-governmental and non-profit organization.

We can give you a hand with finding an accommodation capacity under easy terms and conditions, we can offer full conference services both for you and your guests, we set down the transfers, guides or babysitting. We arrange entrance tickets for various types of cultural events or recommend a restaurant as per your financial potence. Since we have been in the market for 17 years, we have good contacts and the great experience. Thanks to that, we can not only save money but especially time for your organization.

Since 2004 our company has been cooperating with People in need (Člověk v tísni), the Czech greatest non-governmental organization, in the framework of documentary film festival about human rights called One World (Jeden svět).

We provided accommodation and other services for the participants of  YMCA Europe Festival in 2005. In 2008 we reassumed this successful cooperation and provided accommodation for more than 7000 participants of YMCA Europe Festival, which was the biggest meeting of this oldest Christian non-governmental organization. The accommodation was provided in all types of accommodation facilities, from student dormitories to five-star hotels.

This year we started to cooperate with the non-governmental organization Forum 50% dealing with gender problems. In September 2009, the conference of the European Charter for Equality of Women and Men took place in Prague, all conference services and praticipants accommodation was arranged by our company. Henceforth, we keep on cooperating with this non-governmental organization when organizing different types of meetings.

For many years we have been arranging accomodation for foreign theatre ensembles appearing on tour in Prague Archa Theatre.

We also help Unijazz association with accommodation services during the Alternativa festival.