Ropes Centre

Ropes Centre

Programs in Ropes Course Centre are suitable for everyone who likes fun, adventure and unforgettable experiences. No special skills are needed, if you are fit enough and ready to discover new things you are more than welcome to come!


The adventurous program contains essential program structure: low elements, practice of belaying, high individual elements and team elements and the jump which can really be exciting!

Price: 2 hrs – 8,5 EUR p.p. (longer program is available)


This is a competitive program with a legend of conquering seven of the highest peaks in the world. The essential structure has remained the same in comparison to the other programs. On the top of it there is a motivation to win and conquer all seven of the highest peaks of seven continents. It is not only important to be skilled and strong, but also to be strategic and communicative within the group of 3-9 other people. There must be at least 30 participants who will take part in the program.

Price: 3 hrs – 12,5 EUR p.p.(longer program is available)


Combined program in Ropes Course Centre and on the river Vltava in the centre of Prague. 3-hour adventure in Ropes Course Center is followed by a romantic and relaxing journey on the motor boat through the Prague center. The program is suitable also for participants who are not skilled in driving the boat. Before the program you’ll be taught how to drive the boat.

Price: cca 5 hrs – 24 EUR p.p.

Prices includes: the program of rope elements, highly skilled instructors, all necessary equipment